Gentle Readers...

We have waited for the Home Life to return to some sort of acceptable Pace and Occupancy. Instead, we are disillusioned by the Noise, Smell, and Vacancies in this humble abode.

The Chief Scribe has abandoned us to some Place of Higher Learning. We deposited reminders of our silky fur on her Containers of Abandonment in the hopes that she would come to her sense and return. She has been Disobedient. We are not amewsed.

The Malodorous Male Feline remains in Residence. However, I have deigned to let T.O.C. exchange Polite Catly Greetings. There is Hope that we will be able to sway her opinions of MMF and evict him from the favored bed of Repose.

In all matters, we perceive there to be far too much Noise and Camaraderie in this Abode.


The Duchess Who Outranks Everyone