It is Bird Season

And I Approve.
Now if I could just Persuade my Staff to allow me Access to these Delicacies, all would be Well.

The Duchess who Outranks Everybody.


My Servants have been Most Repectful. They have Purchased a Lovely Container which is Growing Fresh Sushi. I am Pleased. I shall Request that One of my Servants take a Picture and then Display it for your Undying Admiration!

Now. They must Stop Forgetting to Filet and Serve it to Moi.


I am Waiting.

The Duchess Who Outranks Everyone.

Bird-watching season

I approve of this Season. There are Delightful Temptations for the Palate Flittering and Scurrying Hither and Yon. I have Requested Filet of Bird but am Being Ignored.

Please be Advised that I will Wait Patiently at Bit Longer. And then. I would like a Little Treat. Freshly Prepared. In a nice Cream Sauce.


The Duchess Who Outranks Everyone.