Strange goings on

Greetings hoomans and RevPetPals...

While I have made sufficient time in my Daily Schedule to blog, I have been thinking very deep thoughts about the Existence of Evil, the Reality of God and the Necessity of Perseverance in Times of Distress.

The Odoriforous male cat is still in residence in My Abode. I tolerate him, but occasionally he must be given a swat of the Royal Paw. I am not his playmate. I am his ruler.

There have been far too many comings and goings in recent days, and now one finds the evil bags-of-doom being filled with clothing and put in the vehicle of terror. I do not approve of my Hoomans going anywhere that I did not suggest.

We shall see if they remember to put out kibble. Particularly, MY trout kibble.

I remain your affectionate
The Duchess who outranks everyone

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