Loyal Subjects...

My apologies. Affairs of State require my Utmost Concentration and I have not had Opportunity to provide you with my Latest Opinions.

I am working on my Annual Report wherein I Unabashedly Scold a certain Odoriferous Male Feline for continued Persecution and Harassment of my Royal Personage. I am weary of This Issue but would like you to know that it has Not Ceased.

A while ago my Humans erected a Not-Tree which was a superb place to have a quiet Retreat and Respite from the OMF. They provided cute playtoys for me on the under-branches. It was Beautifully Lit. I was Quite Pleased. However, shortly after the Not-Tree appeared, the Humans disappeared. And due to their Extended Absence, I had to Fend for Myself (though the Nice Blonde Girl did bring me Treats and Affection.)

As of late, there are been Disturbing Influences. First TOC and then OMF have disappeared in the Valise of Terror, and both reported being taken to the Shop of Horrors. I can count. I know I'm next. But they have to Find Me First.

I am your Suspicious and Occasionally Affectionate -
The Duchess Who Outranks Everyone.

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